Why I Recommend Metagenics Supplements…

Dr. Mary Kintner and Metagenics

People have asked me why I have used Metagenics for over twenty years. There are many nutritional products from which to choose. Some are good, some are not, and some are just a waste of money and may even be potentially harmful.

I chose Metagenics for many reasons. One is their dedication to research. The company was started by a Ph. D. biochemist who, though retired, still works at Metagenics because of his passion for the science of human nutrition.

Another reason I use Metagenics is because they maintain a high level of credentialing with certification with NSF (National Science Foundation, TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and USP B (US Pharmacopia) meeting the highest standards for social and economic impacts. Metagenics audits their suppliers regularly and checks every ingredient and every batch to assure quality.

Metagenics always provides me with access to one of their doctors to answer any questions or concerns I have. Their representatives are also highly informed in the field of human nutrition. The products that Metagenics uses are pure, non-GMO, and gluten free.

Metagenics strives to make products of high value with integrity and create a workplace that authentically respects diversity and inclusion.
From personal experience, I know their products are effective!

I recommend Metagenics because their products are well researched and tested, innovative, made ethically, and effective.

My personal favorites:

  • Omegagenics (Metagenics brand Omega 3s) pure effectuve essential-carefully sourced, manufactured and tested
  • Ultraflora Balance Probiotics Optimizes gut health and digestion-(Metagenics offers a variety of probiotics for special needs)
  • D3 with K2 Vitamin D3 taken without K2 can cause calcium to build up in arteries and soft tissue
  • Wellness Essentials Nutritional support for healthy pregnancy.
  • Phytonutrients plant based multivitamin/mineral

Do you want better nutrition?

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