I have seen Dr. Mary Kintner for more than 10 years. She has helped me with minor back pain on several occasions when I “put my back out.” On each occasion, the work she has done has alleviated my back issues, usually within three visits. What I like best about her approach to healing is her use of methods other than or in conjunction with adjusting my back. She uses a variety of approaches including use of a Tens unit, heat and massage and in every case, it has successfully eliminated the problem. I will add that I have learned by experience to go at the onset of this problem instead of waiting for it to “heal on its own,” as healing on its own has never been the case. — L.W.

She uses a variety of approaches…

What I like about Dr. Kintner is her thorough assessments. I always leave feeling better. She is very compassionate. I had seen another chiropractor for years and one of the big differences is that Dr. Kintner's adjustments last longer. And she has a wonderful personality. — P.B.

Dr. Kintner’s adjustments last longer…

Last August I experienced lower back trouble that resulted in debilitating pain. After conventional medicine failed to adequately treat me, I called Dr. Kintner at the recommendation of friends. She was able to see me that very same day and I experienced what can only be described as a chiropractic miracle. I literally limped into her office with tears of pain in my eyes and strolled out with tears of joy. Dr. Kintner has been a huge help ever since by helping to correct alignment troubles and maintaining my muscular/skeletal health, which keeps me fully engaged in an active lifestyle. Her personable, warm approach provides a comfortable atmosphere and is evidence that she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her patients. I strongly recommend her services.quote — C.J.

She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her patients…

I have been a patient of Dr. Kintner's over the years. When I have had flare ups, mostly of back pain, I've found her to be conscientious and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a caring, engaged provider of chiropractic services. — L.N.

A Patient for Many Years….