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All About the F Word… FATS

All About the F Word… FATS Because such a large percentage of the population is obese, and fats are higher in calories than protein and carbohydrates, we have been led to believe that fats is just another F word. This is somewhat smart because some fats are very unhealthy. Included in the unhealthy fats would be saturated fats and the so-called “trans” fats , also known as hydrogenated oils. Trans fats have been chemically modified to prolong shelf life—a benefit for grocers, not the public. Trans fats have been...

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What are Probiotics and Why Sauerkraut?

What are Probiotics and Why Sauerkraut? Probiotic literally means supports life.  Probiotics are the natural flora that should inhabit your intestines. Ideally, 85% of the flora in our gut would be probiotics and 15% would consist of e-Coli bacteria. But, most American’s have this ratio reversed! Why is this so? Primarily due to our lifestyles: Stress alters the natural balance. High intake of processed foods and alcohol will too. Meats from animals who have consumed antibiotics, hormones and steroids will negatively affect...

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Jericho Farmers’ Market Opens | Eat Locally Grown Foods!

Jericho Farmers’ Market Opens | Eat Locally Grown Foods! Consuming locally grown food like the produce you’ll find at the Jericho Farmers’ Market, held each week at Mills Riverside Park, has many benefits. Every Thursday from 3 – 6:30 pm you’ll find a wide variety of locally produced items that include more than just fruits and vegetables. There are typically an ever-changing selection of locally created arts and craft items, bath and body products, cooked food and even live entertainment! Here are a number of great reasons to...

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